Easter weekend poems

Good Friday
Where can I turn, when I feel alone,
When I feel the door rattle, and hear the wind moan;
When there’s no reassuring hug or a touch,
And loved ones stay at a distance, for such
Is the need to take care – tell me then where
Will I find the deep comfort and warmth that I crave,
When I don’t feel strong, calm, peaceful, or brave?
What if, in the gloom, in that deep darkest night
There is One who will put all my worst fears to flight?
And when at my lowest, weak, sick, in despair,
I could know with the feeblest of trust – You are there.

Easter Saturday
Now across a stricken world – and throughout our nation,
It feels like we’re living – in suspended animation,
An enforced entombment, normal service put to sleep,
Living life in lock down, left to muse, and dream, and weep,
Yet if we allow ourselves, to pause and breathe, go slow,
There’s a chance we’ll see some fruit that in this soil will grow;
Kindness, care for others, a capacity to wait,
Awareness of those things that take their time, but are not late,
If we dwell with patience now, then slowly hope will rise,
And we’ll yet look upon a world renewed, with wiser eyes.

Easter Sunday
Already three weeks – in our homes confined,
Anxiety speaks, plans to future consigned,
How long will this unasked for crisis extend?
How will I cope, and when will it end?
Why is it that so much that usually matters
Lies at my feet now in rags and in tatters?
Come away to a far ancient time and there meet
Others whose hopes, dreams lay crushed at their feet,
Friends of the One who had loved them, who died
Who they loved like no other – the earth itself cried;
Yet in their great sadness, that deep darkest night,
The morning brought gladness, deep joy, life and light.

Finally, script for my radio ad playing across the West Yorkshire ‘Pulse’ stations this weekend:

Voice 1 (male):
What will we do – and where will we turn,
To emerge from our pain now, to not crash and burn?
What can be said, in this troubled place
To bring us some quietness, comfort, and space? (pause)
The strange ancient story of one empty tomb
Is a message of life, that will always find room
In the dry dusty heart, that seeks a new start,
When it’s hard to cope – there is always (pause) hope.
Voice 2 (female):
Find out more this Easter – at Christianity.org.uk.

Poems audio:

Ad audio (female & male-led versions):

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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