Climate catchin’

Guess what, we’re a month into year Twenty twenty
And of big stuff to ponder there’s a pile, yeah there’s plenty,
And top o’ the list, for both planet and primate
Is the elephant in the room (‘s going nowhere): the climate.
In Davos, at World Economic Forum (or WEF),
Teen activist Greta must just think we’re all deaf,
Cos the troubling point that makes her bold speeches sing
Is her view the politicians are doing next to nothing,
And in the week that we learned to eat a fifth less of meat,
Guess what, I attended a lecture – on peat!
Yeah in Bradford, the science and media museum no less,
‘Healthy peat bogs’ – not everyone’s cuppa I confess,
But the more that I hear about things clean and green,
In the news, all them views, in the paper, on screen,
I tend to get mad and then desperately sad,
Think it’s all getting worse, yeah spectacularly bad,
But in some deeper place beyond the obvious scope
Of wild angry feelings – I can’t help but feel hope,
Cos I know that this world in its marvel and beauty
Was given us to care for, on our watch, it’s our duty,
And God doesn’t throw up his hands in despair,
But he wants us to stop, think – have a heart – and just care.

Voice audio with music:

Image by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay