Valentine’s Revamped

It’s Valentines soon. Am I really in tune to the big day of love, or will I give it a shove?
Stick around and embrace it, or just try to chase it far far away? Dunno what to say.
For every one who loves a rosy red heart, there’s someone who struggles even to start
To think they could be liked or loved or admired, cos some folk are weary and some folk are tired;
And how does it feel to be ignored, overlooked – that you’re over the hill, that your goose has been cooked,
Cos a person can be strong, and able and agile, but the heart can be frail, and feelings are fragile;
And sometimes I think and sometimes I wonder, could my own heart one day just get pulled right under?
Yeah could I get wounded and could I get hurt, and put through the mill and dragged through the dirt,
What I want to know really and truly, deep down, is there someone to hold me and not let me drown?
At the heart of the universe, a love that is greater, than fickle human love that says “I’m done, see you later”…?

Valentines is here, it’s with us again, I don’t always know what to make of it, but then,
How much does it matter what I personally think, about the annual ritual of love – and of pink,
I’m not saying it fazes me, but it certainly amazes me, How much people spend! It’s not a fad or a trend,
On meals out and chocolates and nice cards and flowers, and getaways and gazing at your sweetheart for hours,
Far be it from me to be called unromantic, but it seems just a little excessive and frantic,
And what does it say about us, all this huge cost? Could we be in some way just a little bit lost?
Yeah don’t call me weird or pedantic or stupid, but what’s going on with this homage to Cupid?
Could a deeper love possibly lie at the root? Could all this love stuff be, you know, just the fruit?
Just suppose God’s love’s real, then what’ll it take, to get past my defences, the barriers break,
Can I admit that I’m messed up, got issues, am weak, give God just a chance, if he’s there, well – to speak?

As featured on BBC Radio Leeds, Sunday Breakfast.