Love & Roar

What is love?
Love? We think of roses and dinner for two,
But I’m not sure right now that this picture will do,
It’s not just nice feelings with a sweetheart or stunner,
The love we need now is a marathon runner,
A care for each other that lasts and has grit,
Be there for each other long term, and not quit,
The love we need now – and maybe a while,
Is one that keeps slogging, for mile after mile.

It’s a difficult time, and you may feel afraid,
Don’t stay there, but climb, take courage, you’re made
To face down your fear, not cling to the shore,
But draw strength right here – yes rise up and roar,
Like the king of the beasts, we’re called to be bold,
From ‘greatest’ to least, whether you’re young or old,
& if you start to slide, at the end of your tether,
Like a strong lion pride, know we’re in it together.

‘Roar’ was broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds Sunday Breakfast, 26th April.


Image by Ajay Lalu from Pixabay

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