Getting through this

How are you coping with covid-nineteen?
Now the biggest health threat that some of us have seen,
Are you frazzled, and fearful and feeling the heat?
Think you’re getting an earful, scared to go on the street?
It’s amazing for sure how a tiny little virus
Can knock at our door – but I pray it’ll inspire us,
To think out the box, and not let it fox us,
Though it feels a bit now like it’s laughing and mocks us.
It’s a chance to slow down, to be still and reflect,
To ponder more deeply how things intersect,
To rethink our lifestyles, our air miles and habits,
Be creative and caring, not timid like rabbits.
I’ve seen folk be selfish, go out panic buying,
It maddens me, it saddens me – must calm down, I’m trying,
Cos it’s true though, you do know, an extreme situation’s
A chance for those instincts to take a vacation,
A time for us all to be mindful, dig deep
A prime chance to care and be kind, it’s not cheap,
To go out of your way, pray, step out the extra mile,
Give a call to the lonely, if you see them then smile,
You don’t want to look back and think, darn, I blew it,
When I had a chance to help others get through it.

(Audio to follow soon)