Day of Peace poem

September twenty-first’s the International Day of Peace,
Meaning not just keeping calm, or seeking stress release,
It’s about helping folk solve conflict, and live in peace together,
& right now what easily spoils that is the climate (long term weather)
It threatens scant resources, driving folk to flee, or fight,
But you know, the choices we make have an impact on this plight,
Now I know the issue’s massive, makes us passive, it’s far away,
But you might just be surprised to learn what you can do each day,
I’m gonna pick just three things that can really hit the spot,
That can stop this ‘ere ol’ planet getting dangerously hot,
Number one, less meat and dairy, and before you get too wary
You might find fruit and veg really gives your health an edge.
Number two, what we can do is change our use of heat and water,
Turn off the light, you know it’s right; don’t do it yet? – you oughta,
Number three might cause some sighing, but a big one’s much less flying,
Less CO2 above you is what can keep the earth from dying,
There, just three ideas this international day of peace,
A day of hope that one day conflict everywhere can cease.

For the UN International Day of Peace 21st September, theme: climate action.
To be broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds breakfast show 22-9-19.
Voice only audio (broadcast version has music bed):

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay