Love signs at Valentines

Valentines, the day of love, I wonder how it feels to you
Does it give you butterflies, or does it leave you in a stew?
Whether you’re a 14th fan or not, I ask you, bear with me
Follow now these ruminations, maybe something fresh we’ll see
I’m-fascinated by the notion, of a love that’s secret, hid
Could it be, on some new facet of such love, I’ll lift the lid
I sometimes wonder, as I walk, or stumble through my every day
If some signs of secret love, are being strewn across my way
That golden light upon a building, fragile bird, a small child’s face
Are these lovely things a sign of something more, a mark of grace?
Even things that aren’t so pleasant, problems, pitfalls, painful trials
Might be used to bless us, if we’re patient, later, in a while
In these troubled times, the love of God is sometimes far from plain
Still the heavenly music plays, attune your ears, you’ll catch a strain
Maybe most of all, God wants his love to dwell in humble heart
Will I give his love a chance to change me, will I make a start?

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Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

For BBC local radio

Valentines revisited

What do we make of, well yeah, Valentines, the day of red hearts, flowers and chocolate and wine
It doesn’t look so fluffy and sweet and divine, when you think of the ruthless pursuit, of-the-bottom-line
How did a day praising love and connection, come to be such a brash profit-driven confection?
How did a theme of such beauty and soul, in a money-ruled world occupy such a role?
See how the environment’s also given birth, to a reckoning with how we now impact the earth
It costs a great deal both to grow and to ship, flowers that next day may end up on a tip
It’s not just the day’s not to everyone’s taste; with the cards and the packaging, there’s a whole lot of waste;
We’re split how we view Valentines, it’s a mix, for some the whole day can’t be over too quick
Is it cuddles and kisses and breakfast in bed? For others the day evokes nothing but dread
But how might it be if we looked a bit deeper, I hazard there’s truth out there, though it’s a ‘sleeper’
It’s ironic, to celebrate love secret, concealed – when the best love of all, that was hidden – ‘s now revealed
A love we might run from, and hide and ignore, a love that invites, and ignites, that’s a door
Through which any one of us can step through and find, a comfort enfolding, embracing and kind
And so on a day that can be hit or miss, whether you love it or loathe it, it’s worth hearing this:
There’s a love that like hawk on the wing reaches far – that seeks out and can save you, whoever you are.

For BBC local radio & other interested stations. Image by rzierik at Pixabay