Coronation considered

Here we have it, Charlie’s moment, whopping coronation!
Flags and bubbly, lie-in and a nice three day vacation
Can’t deny it’s quite exciting, really quite the thing
Seeing he of cuff link fidget fetish, made a king

What a day, to get to see our Chuck, all ‘coronated’!
I don’t care if half his subjects think it’s overrated
Still, I’m keen to know what others think of all the pomp
Will you watch, or from the room, all fuming will you stomp?

When you learn that oil is poured from jewel-encrusted spoon
Will you feel you’ve landed on the far side of the moon?
Will you think the whole thing quite unconscionably odd
All that bling, the crown and ring, the sceptre, orb and rod?

Well I say, embrace it, all the magic and the drama
It’s a history snapshot, a unique strange panorama
The sacral and the spiritual – it’s here, it’s all on show
There just might be something worthwhile pondering, you know

For BBC local radio