Something strange has happened, something unforetold
Now the tide of grief withdraws, time the thing enfolds
Though our lives move briskly on, and memories fade away
Still I wonder, what of worth, in hearts and minds will stay?

Something deep in us was tapped, an inner wall was breached
Feelings hard to plumb were stirred, often out of reach
Dark and hidden reservoirs, deep within us welled
Grief for passing permanence, bubbled, rose and swelled.

For many in these isles, a rock was lost, that felt secure
In a changing world, for some, their footing feels less sure
Spirit of a nation feels, abruptly, more alone
Now those restless feelings, must find another home.

In a life so dedicated, might we find a clue
A hint to guide, a glint of light, to show us what to do?
In a hurting world, where hearts, like bobbing boats adrift
Seek safe haven, is there something here, which hearts may lift?

In these strange and shifting times, mournful tears have welled
Might it be a time to weigh afresh the hope she held?
Ponder where was rooted, that servant spirit poor
Humbly think again, upon that beckoning, welcome shore?

Image by Franck Barske from Pixabay

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Adieu to the Queen

What a memorable time it has been
A kind rarely witnessed or seen
And if you were there, I guess few things compare
With bidding adieu to the Queen.

People lined up, determined and bold
Five miles long, through the night and the cold
If you queued for Her Maj, then you merit a badge
And the odd person got one, I’m told.

Cool, calm and never in a stew
She liked to ask “What do you do?”
With her handbags and hats, and her corgis (not cats)
Ever constant and loyal and true.

And so at the end of the day
I wonder what we’ll take away
Something deep has occurred, quite profound, in a word
But its lasting fruit, well, who can say?

Image by Zorro4 from Pixabay