Feeling for India

I’m struggling a little, I’ll say it, be blunt
About what’s happening in India, where they’re bearing the brunt
The weight of the suffering, we see it, we know
That they’re stuck, they can’t breathe, they’ve got nowhere to go
‘I can’t breathe’, now if you recall that’s a phrase
That we heard quite a lot, dating back to last May
George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, it was only last year
That nine minute video got us hooked – now we’re here
And I know that it’s different, but there’s something the same
It’s not about feeling bad, finding someone to blame
It’s about trying to connect with the pain of another
Imagining it, feeling it, for my sister, my brother
Cos we’re one global family, and if we’ve got heart and soul
Then if part of the body hurts, we feel it, the whole
So let’s not wait for one icon, one publicised case
When we see the pain etched on a suffering face
And let’s not forget we have Asian friends here
Let’s feel for their anguish, connect to their fear
You know, when it comes to relating to pain
That our God’s got it down – sends the sunshine and rain
On the good and the bad, and when a small sparrow falls
He notices and cares, and he doesn’t have walls
Between people or nations, more ‘worthy’ or less
In his eyes we’ve all got great worth, and I confess
That the change that I most want to notice and see
Is for us to follow his example – that’s you and that’s me

Image from REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

Fairness & furnishings

This week in the news well you could say we’ve seen
Some things that’ve taken off power its sheen
And one of the topics that’s kinda been trending
Is a particular flat refurbishment spending
Dodgy dealing in politics ain’t anything new
Though odd for soft furnishings to be in the mix too
Now the public, we don’t wanna be taken for fools
We wanna see everyone stick by the rules
And it’s not too old-fashioned to want to be grounded
In truthfulness, justice, real and rounded
Not get caught napping, adrift or asleep
Cos we know in these things, well our God, he looks deep
Seeks out integrity in whole not in part
Sees way past appearances – down to the heart.

Image by Marco Cuppone from Pixabay

Post Easter poem

It’s not very long (unless I’ve got this wrong)
Since Easter, that marks resurrection
Which (let’s not be blind) to the scientific mind
As a theory, seems far from perfection
To hold in your head someone rose from the dead
Stretches credulity at best
Some are inclined to think we should find
Ways to put this idea to the test.
The problem right here, to be perfectly clear
Is it’s not something easily repeated
But to turn round and say that it’s bunkum, go away
Is no way for the thing to be treated
For a moment just think (it might make you blink)
We once thought (cos we’re standing still)
The idea this place, is now barrelling through space
Would have made the average punter quite ill
But when someone suggested (it was sorely contested)
That we hurtle full pelt round the sun
This novel solution sparked a revolution
In our views (that must have been fun).
In a similar way, I ask in our day
When the notion of God is derided
And pushed to the brink, maybe time to rethink
Some ideas that we long ago decided
I don’t mean to plod, but just think, if God
Like the sun is what life goes around
Then the thing that seems weird, that some bloke with a beard
Came to life, might just get off the ground.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay


Easter poem

What a strange year for the world to endure
For the trauma, the loss, there’s no quick easy cure
Sadness and loneliness, trouble and grief
Enough to test anyone’s faith – and belief
Something to think on this Easter weekend
In the midst of a trial that’s not yet at an end
Something to muse on, to dig deep and ponder
This traditional season of life, hope – and wonder
Something that burns deep inside me this hour
Is a hunger, a thirst now for resurrection power
There may be a ‘road map’ to guide us through trial
But where to find hope – that lasts more than a while?
I long, yes I do, that every bruised battered heart
That struggles and thirsts, could find a drop, yes a part
A portion, a helping of this marvellous thing
That like liquid gold fills the soul, makes it sing
That doesn’t just endure for a short fleeting night
But like the sun soars through the spring morning bright

Image by Raheel Shakeel from Pixabay


Lent longings

What I wonder, here’s the question, will we find in that word ‘Lent’
Is it old and worn and tattered now, and is its meaning spent?
What I wonder can we plunder from this practice, ancient, strange
Is there still treasure in age of leisure, are its riches out of range?
Give up chocolate, fags, the booze, we harbour notions slightly quaint
Do it at all? We’re free to choose, but it still has a pull, though faint
In our times, these troubled climes, perhaps a chance to heed the call
Because it’s not just old, gone cold, but it’s fierce, demands our all…
Nowadays you might think “Oh, ok, I’ll give up something sweet”
Where brave souls once encountered thirst, and worse, like desert heat
Either way the call of Lent still beckons, reckons with each heart
Asking, will I make space, for grace, face my fears, take part
Maybe in that place I’ll find something wondrous waits for me
A sight, a sound, and cords unbound, fresh living, wild and free.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Lockdown Love (short version)

This Valentines, we’re all locked down – that’s guaranteed to make love frown
Steals its thunder, pushes it under, makes it blunder, takes its crown
And instead of a love-heart and flowers and take your loved one out
You’ll be lucky if your Beth or Bart just showers n doesn’t pout
If he just cooks, or she just books a takeaway tonight
At least content to look the part – not run for it in fright.

Love’s important, makes the world go round, and we want to express
It kinda neatly, not too sweetly, and keep calm, you know, not stress
But we still worry, frown and fret, and get all tense and anxious, yet
If we could just relax a bit, that’d be by far a better bet.

Love’s intense, can be immense, gets you-off the fence, spare no expense
You feel you’re flying, I’m not lying, gets you swooning, laughing, crying
You’ll scale a wall, feel ten feet tall, and ask “It’s late, can I still call?”
And agonise, fall down then rise – and then forget about it all.

I believe it – take or leave it – that the world vibrates with love
It’s all around, and it abounds, it’s deep within, without, above
As I learn to let it burn down in my heart and in my veins
I find I’m falling more in love with its melodious strains
This love divine, I let it shine in me, it fills and it redeems
Has power to transform human love, so  – with glory – it gleams.    

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Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay


It’s Difficult this Christmas

It’s difficult this Christmas
Its meaning still to see,
Wondering what kind of end
Of year this one will be.

It’s harder now, when loved ones
We cannot so easily meet,
To trust the deeper Love –
It seems this year a tougher feat.

It’s harder when our wider culture
Yearly holds less dear
The startling news, that in a baby
God himself drew near.

To see beyond the stress –
And press of gaudy TV show,
Hard for the world to see
When it so little wants to know.

Not easy either in the dark
The solitude and space
Of my own heart, to catch a glimpse
Of that shy agent, grace.

Yet even when uncertainty
And fear close in like night
The Christ-child who in secret came
Still sheds abroad his light.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Christmas for sceptics

There’s a funny old thing about Christmas,
For many, it’s lost all its clout,
That seems a great pity so in this little ditty
I’ll ask, what’s that all about?

Lots of folk think it’s all superstition
Fairy tale, not science, just belief
Of all I could say, the fact we ALL live by faith
And not certainty is maybe the chief.

Although we are often to it more-or-less blind
We’re all living in some big story
A world view, big picture, I hope you won’t mind
Me saying that (just think Jackanory).

And when we consider the nature of things
It seems that when push comes to shove
At the heart of it all there’s either random blind chance
Or it’s rooted in the personal – and love.

From that reasonable base it’s no whopping sensation
To entertain the notion of God
Still mysterious though, so I need revelation
To be an enlightened smart bod.

That’s what happened at Christmas, the Love in all things
Came to show itself, the best way it could
Not by diktat, decree, but becoming, well human
Right amongst us, down here in the hood.

Not some fringe idea for the deluded or mad
Good news is what Christmas is about
It’s the best, a revelation of ultimate Love
From the rooftops I want it to shout!

Image by Andreas Böhm from Pixabay