Love signs at Valentines

Valentines, the day of love, I wonder how it feels to you
Does it give you butterflies, or does it leave you in a stew?
Whether you’re a 14th fan or not, I ask you, bear with me
Follow now these ruminations, maybe something fresh we’ll see
I’m-fascinated by the notion, of a love that’s secret, hid
Could it be, on some new facet of such love, I’ll lift the lid
I sometimes wonder, as I walk, or stumble through my every day
If some signs of secret love, are being strewn across my way
That golden light upon a building, fragile bird, a small child’s face
Are these lovely things a sign of something more, a mark of grace?
Even things that aren’t so pleasant, problems, pitfalls, painful trials
Might be used to bless us, if we’re patient, later, in a while
In these troubled times, the love of God is sometimes far from plain
Still the heavenly music plays, attune your ears, you’ll catch a strain
Maybe most of all, God wants his love to dwell in humble heart
Will I give his love a chance to change me, will I make a start?

Second audio is the correct one – can’t seem to remove the first.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

For BBC local radio