An ode to mothers

I really like Mothering Sunday, it’s one of my favourite days
I’m really quite fond of my mother (and almost everything she does or says)

One thing I’m crystal clear sure of, is mother has bundles of heart
She’s caring and kind, on reflection I find, that she’s been that way right from the start

One of the ways my own mother displays, her kindness (I can’t think of better)
Is her skill to compose, with feeling that flows – a beautiful handwritten letter

For some this day’s difficult or poignant, your feelings perhaps may be raw
A special hug may be in order – what friends and dear loved ones are for

It may be a surprise to discover, in the bible, an unusual thing
God is compared to a mother, protecting her chicks with her wings

So on this Mothering Sunday, whether you feel joyful, or blue
Show love to the ‘mothers’ in your life; and let God show his kindness to you

Broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds, Guernsey & Jersey

Image by Vânia Raposo from Pixabay

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