Planet poem

It is good to see restored, something that was sad before

With a note of joy imbue, something that was damaged too

Clean and shine and polish, then, see the loved thing gleam again

So let nature strike a chord – for the wild must be restored

Like a painting, dull and faded, ecosystems are degraded

Do we want their beauty back? Then we must get back on track

Something that involves us all, to see the planet rise, not fall

Farmland, forest, river, lake – their well-being is at stake

Grass, savannah, ocean, coast, each their native glory boast

Maybe a good place to start, is in my own mind and heart,

In this inner private place, give green thinking now some space

Marking World Environment Day, will we act on what we say,

Start to do that little thing, that will help the planet sing?

(For World Environment Day 5th June. Broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds.)

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay


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