Lockdown Love

February fourteenth, Valentines, red hearts, romance – you know the signs
The ads and fads (a lot quite bad), the schmaltz and cheesy lines
They say that love is blind, it’s in the heart and in the mind
But every February we find, the usual tropes revert to kind
We’ll take any chance to shine – with just a sweet romantic line…

This year we’re all locked down – that’s guaranteed to make love frown
Steals its thunder, pushes it under, makes it blunder, takes its crown
And instead of a love-heart and flowers and take your loved one out
You’ll be lucky if your Beth or Bart just showers n doesn’t pout
If one just cooks, or the other books a fancy takeaway tonight
At least content to look the part – not run for it in fright.

The day of love, when push comes to shove, is actually always fraught
Because we’re human, we get in a stew man, and it’s easy to get caught
In all the pressure, expectation, and some bad sleep deprivation
In houses up and down the land, and all across the nation
Love’s important, makes the world go round, and we want to express
It kinda neatly, not too sweetly, and keep calm, you know, not stress
But we still worry, frown and fret, and get all tense and anxious, yet
If we could just relax a bit, that’d be by far a better bet.

This is me now, don’t you see now, I’m just talkin’ as one fella
I’m no Valentine-o fanboy, I’m no ‘day of romance’ seller
If I was I’d leave now cos I’ve no ambition to be toast
I’ll just say hey, you know, we all want to be loved by someone most
It’s so intense, you know, immense, gets you-off the fence, spare no expense
You feel you’re flying, I’m not lying, gets you swooning, laughing, crying
You’ll scale a wall, feel ten feet tall, and ask “It’s late, can I still call?”
And agonise, fall down then rise – and then forget about it all.

What makes this one day special is the secrecy of course
To be the admirer of Luke or Lyra, speak in code, you know, like morse
And there’s something we adore, we want it more, the mystery
Of wondering ‘who loves me?’; I don’t mean brotherly or sisterly
When you send a card, and be a love bard, you get a magic thrill, a shiver
Like running down a bank and jumping starkers in a river
And if you find you’ve got that kind of place in someone’s heart
There ain’t no poet that can quite express the feeling, there’s no art. 

But the thing that most excites me, daily smites me, makes me quiver
Is to think these tributaries of love flow to a bigger river
The mystery of love at Valentines – it leads us on
And shows us something deep about the heart of things, no con
I believe it – take or leave it – that the world vibrates with love
It’s all around, and it abounds, it’s deep within, without, above
As I learn to let it burn down in my heart and in my veins
I find I’m falling more in love with its melodious strains
This love divine, I let it shine in me, it fills and it redeems
Has power to transform human love, so  – with glory – it gleams.    

For BBC Radio Leeds & other stations…

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay



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