‘Thy Kingdom Come’ poems

A few poems inspired by the Anglican-initiated global ecumenical call to prayer, this year 21-31st May:

What brings joy without alloy
To Father God above?
And what may lure strong pleasure pure
From his deep heart of love?
To see lost sheep step out (or leap)
To seek him in this place,
One ounce of trust enough, He must
To such reveal His face.

A sudden shock your boat may rock
In life’s tempestuous seas,
Or worry creep and steal your sleep
And leave you ill at ease;
Yet Christ alone, the Living Stone
Can take the helm and steer,
Instil his peace, and bring release,
Dissolve your crippling fear.

Though made to soar, by some strange lore
This world keeps me confined,
A flag to fly, past ‘work, play, die’?
Elusive, hard to find;
One pure and brave rose from the grave,
Unlocked a wider view,
Of greater scope and deeper hope –
And offers it to you.

To trust in ‘truth’ may seem uncouth
In our world-weary age,
Faith may be lost, abandoned, crossed,
“Move on, turn over page”;
Yet Spirit-fire may yet inspire
Faint embers of the heart,
And on them blow, that we may know,
The joy of a new start.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

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