Valentine poem

I saw a man, one Valentine’s day, and woe betide if you got in his way,
As his frame darkened that restaurant door, he didn’t look so kind – though he wasn’t poor,
It’s no surprise, it won’t amaze, she was the focus of his gaze,
The sole recipient of his flowers, the one he doted on for hours and hours,
But it made me wonder, a hunch you know, did his love stretch further than this nice warm glow?
It made me think how small and narrow, our love can be despite Cupid’s arrow…
Do you think you’re alone in this universe? Might hold too tight to your loved one or worse,
Be wary and jealous, to that one person cling, not care much for strangers- a worrying thing
But if I see myself (not a fashionable idea), as deeply loved by the One who’s far and near,
The one who holds each person in his care…
Well such revelation is a game changer right there,
It gives a security deep down in my being,
Lets my love grow and expand – a fresh way of seeing,
I’ll love in deeper, richer ways, and not just on one day,
Nor just my loved one, family, friends – but each person on the way.


Image by Bing N. from Pixabay

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