Holocaust Memorial Day – Reflection

This Holocaust memorial day, don’t turn the page, don’t look away,
It’s not easy to reflect on the worst we can do,
That in different circumstances, that could’ve been me, could’ve been you,
It’s said if one death’s a tragedy, a thousand is statistics,
But I’ll have no truck with such twisted logistics,
Cos each one’s a person, and each one is cared for,
Cos God is compassionate, cos that’s what he’s there for.
And it’s not just the past, but it’s happening today,
And it shouldn’t make a difference if it’s near, or far away,
It bothers me, each life snuffed out, and every needless death
That a child out there is starving, and struggling for breath,
I’m not happy to do nothing, wring my hands and just stand by,
I want to make a difference, I want at least to try,
To staunch the wound, help stem the flow of misery and pain,
Not watch the record player play the same old disc again,
Ignite the heart, and make a start, right here, right where I am
And not by doing nothing just add to the logjam,
So I’ll message, tweet, and pray, do what I can, today,
Hopeful in the darkest place – that love will find a way.

As broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds, Sunday Breakfast.

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