‘Follow the Star’ reflections

shooting-star-3024333_12801 So here we are, nearly Christmas already – I know, bizarre!
Look, I like a lot of it, but some of it goes too far.
Mad office parties, excess shopping. Some of it needs dropping!
But you know I was thinking about those wise men, ‘three kings from orient are’,
Except they weren’t kings – dunno if there were three of them – and forget about a taxi & a car – though it’s true they followed a star. Quite far.
Is it a fairy tale, or history? Tell you what, it’s a mystery.
Wasn’t a ‘star’ like on Strictly, the X Factor, Twitter,
Not a Kanye or a Kardashian – or someone fitter.
But an actual, nuclear, supernova star. And they followed it! I can’t quite swallow it.
You know, think I could do with a guiding light. Be just right.
How about it God? Could you fix that for me? Think you might?

2 It’s Christmas again, like it or lump it, that time of year,
And one thing I often hear people saying is, “I’m not religious” (as a rule)
Well, hey, that’s cool. Some say “I’m spiritual, I’m on a quest”.
I can relate to that. Quite like the va va voom, the zest.
But here’s the thing, it reminds me of those kings
Who followed a star, which sounds bizarre, but there you are.
I’ve personally never seen a strange light up in the sky – not I.
Would probably need to be high. But these magi were open to being led,
By the heart not just the head.
Following this bright light. And it guided them just right,
To baby Jesus – these Persian geezers!
A saviour, light of the world, gift of God unwrapped, unfurled.
Dunno if they quite understood, it was the epitome of good.
But they were open to something new and out of the blue. So how about, well, me and you?

3 It’s Christmas! Comes round quick don’t you agree? Ok, not everyone’s cuppa tea.
But is it about more than tinsel and glitter, buying the missus something that’ll fit her?
What’s it really all about? Beyond a turkey and a sprout?
Yeah there’s this kid in a manger, that’s fine, a so called saviour,
But I’ve got a two year old to keep in line – and mind his behaviour. So what’s it to me?
Good will to all sounds great, and peace and joy, oh boy!
But wait, they’re hard to find when you’re in a bind.
Is it possible, just maybe, that there’s more to this baby?
Born in a manger – and it gets stranger. Offers salvation. Quite a vocation.
What do I need saving from? I’m not miserable or poor.
Think I’m doing okay. So should I still pray? Knock on heaven’s door?
Well – what have I got to lose? I’ll try it – today.

Three reflections inspired by the Church of England’s ‘Follow the star’ Christmas theme. As broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds 9th, 16th and 23rd December just before 7.30am, listen at 1:28:30 here to hear one as it went out last Sunday. Also on local commercial station Pulse 2.

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