Advent reflection

advent-1883840_1920It’s the start of December. Advent. Did you remember?
Put up the tree and decorations, entertain expectations – of snow?
With climate change they’re low. In fact it’s probably a ‘no’, but even so…
You might get an Advent calendar, with those pretty little doors.
I’ve got a nice one already. How’s yours? Has it escaped the kids’ mucky paws?
A time of waiting, anticipation. Not just for the cut-price vacation.
A time of preparation. For what? You may say.
And you know what, fair play for asking. I’m not basking
In any special expertise. Oh please!
For some it’s looking forward to Christmas, baby Jesus.
Maybe not what your average geezers down the pub are giving thought to.
And who says they ought to?
But we can all use a moment to be quiet. You should try it. Some hush amidst the rush.
A little chance to be peaceful, and still. Like it? Think you will.

Broadcast on BBC Radio Leeds on Sunday 2 December, Andrew Edwards breakfast show, 1:28:45 in.

2 thoughts on “Advent reflection

    • Thanks Martin. It played on Radio Leeds Sunday morning just before 7.30am, I heard it :). Radio version included a Coldplay track. Pulse stations also interested in Christmas And Advent material

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