Autumnal nature poems

kingfisher-1068480_1920 (1)


Flash of blue in peripheral view,
Fish snatch, cross bubble-brook dazzling dart,
Quick as insight, swift as thought
Or stab of feeling through human heart.


Pointy muzzle, points for puzzle-
Solving – king cunning of canine world;
Urban arrival, sleuth of survival,
Night agent, red brush round sharp nose curled.

Grey squirrel

Full of cheek – and bulging cheeks,
Beady eyes, ubiquitous as spies,
Foreign invader, bird table raider,
Of ballsy blatant mischief reeks.


Folk talk of mists and fruitfulness that’s mellow
In early September I recall;
When I’m tempted to bellow, the leaves aren’t even yellow –
It’s about now when you properly see fall.squirrel pixabay 10-18

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