Trump limericks (& script)

trump-2546104_1920I wonder if Blighty doth bore him,
I know some folk might want to floor him,
But with Donald our guest
I wonder if the best
Policy is quite simply: ignore him?

Trump says when he said ‘would’ that he meant ‘wouldn’t’,
I’d believe him if I could, but I couldn’t,
If you somehow feel you must
Still in Donald try to trust,
For some reason feel you should, well you shouldn’t.

President Trump has been under fire this week. At the summit with Putin, he said he couldn’t see why Russia would have meddled in US elections; then when the heat was on at home instead, he said he’d meant not ‘would’ but ‘wouldn’t’. Such an easy mistake to make! Problem is, Trump seems to say whatever pleases who he wants to please at the time. He’s aggressive toward the vulnerable and fawning toward the powerful. The exact opposite of someone who has considerably more than Trump’s fifty-three million followers, even if they’re not on Twitter. Jesus – gentle to the weak, ready to confront the powerful. Had a bit of a thing for truth too. (audio script)

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